Minister’s wife confesses to killing husband

24 Mar

When I returned to the church after lunch, the secretary told me of a minister’s wife who had confessed of killing her husband. I was shocked! I had not heard that until then.

The wife of a minister found dead in the church parsonage has confessed to shooting him and fleeing to Alabama, where she was found the following night with their three young daughters, authorities said Friday. Mary Winkler told investigators she shot her husband on Wednesday, Selmer Police investigator Roger Rickman said.

I could not believe the story when I read it. Being a minister’s wife, I’m sure she would know a little about what it is her husband preaches and teaches to his congregation. I’m sure that one thing he would teach would be the Fifth Commandment: “You shall not murder.”

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One response to “Minister’s wife confesses to killing husband

  1. Lubos Motl

    March 24, 2006 at 4:38 pm

    Dear Reverend,

    I am just a physicist who is as shocked as you are. But forgive me a detail: I thought that “you shall not murder” is the sixth commandment, not the fifth one.

    Do you know why she did it?

    Thankfully Yours
    Lubos Motl

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