Torah Yoga

12 Apr

An interesting article was published today in the Indianapolis Star, my hometown paper. It’s about outreach efforts meant to boost Jewish congregations.

Weekly Shabbat services at Congregation Beth-El Zedeck take a decidedly nontraditional turn once a month. The Torah may be read while congregants stretch and take deep breaths as part of an exercise called “Torah Yoga.” Or, they might be welcomed by Torah meditations set to drums and chanting. And frequently appearing on the menu of Shabbat options is a Torah nature walk and Torah bike rides — the “Tour de Torah.”

I can understand trying something new, but isn’t this just a bit much? The goal of all this: to make the synagogue an enticing weekend destination for Jewish families. Have the Jews jumped into church growth antics like Christians have?

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  1. Rev. Iovine

    April 13, 2006 at 8:02 am

    If one can have “Torah Yoga,” why not Jesus-cising videos? You know, videotape them in church.

    “Stand up. Sit down. Pick up hymnal and FLIP to Hymn 105. Kneel and stand and kneel and stand…”

    We already do it in church. Now, we can make a few bucks. Heck, of Jane Fonda can make millions, why can’t we do it to spread the Gospel?

    OK. This pastor really needs a break.

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