Indiana’s United Methodists consider a merger

25 May

I know that this doesn’t deal with the LCMS, but it is religous related. In a story from the Indianapolis Star, the United Methodist Church in Indiana might be close to merging the North Indiana and South Indiana Conferences.

At stake is the future of one of the most important movements in Indiana, one whose influence extends beyond its approximately 220,000 members, 1,600 clergy and 1,200 congregations. Its institutions include Methodist hospitals in Indianapolis and Lake County, three universities — DePauw, Evansville and Indianapolis — and various social services… “We’re very different. We’re very different,” State Sen. Patricia Miller of Indianapolis repeated for emphasis, but she added, “I think merger is a real possibility.”

Here’s the thing: if you are a member of the United Methodist Church, as both Conferences are, then how different are you from each other? The UMC is not as polarized as the LCMS is (to the best of my knowledge) so what is the reason why they have not merged before now or talked about merging? Hmm…

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