Church for gays launches ad blitz

31 May

A church in Indianapolis, Jesus Metropolitan Community Church, is embarking on a new, $55,000 campaign: Would Jesus discriminate?  What would Jesus discriminate against: homosexuality.  The church, one who ministers specifially to gays and lesbians.  Below are a couple of quotes from their website.

We’re a Church that’s passionate about Jesus and the Bible, but not afraid of diversity or independent thought.

You will find a warm welcome whoever you are —
straight or gay, white or black, Asian or Hispanic, conservative or
liberal, old or young, rich or poor, deaf or hearing, married or
single, transgender or any gender identity.
Like the early Church, we are a rainbow congregation!

They have a four-point Call to Action plan with regards to their campaign:

  1. We must renew our commitment to honesty.
  2. We must educate ourselves by daring, like Jesus before us, to become genuine friends of gay and transgender people.
  3. We must carefully reexamine what the Bible teaches about same-sex relationships. 
  4. We must stop using the law to hurt gay and transgender people.

I would like to see what information they have regarding #3.  Scripture clearly forbids homosexual relationships. 

If you would like to read the entire news story about it, click here.


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