Catholic church tells gay couple communion won’t be available

12 Mar

Leah Vader, Lynne HuskinsonThere was an interesting article in Sunday’s paper about two women living in Gillette who were “married” in Canada several months ago. Leah Vader was raised Catholic, attended Catholic school, was a good Catholic and took Communion every Sunday. She began attending a Catholic church here in Gillette for a number of years. She brought her spouse to the church and she was baptized in 2000. However, they received a letter from the priest saying that “because of your union and your public advocacy of same-sex unions, that you are unable to receive communion.” The two women were outraged by this and view this as “discriminatory.”

What Leah Vader and Lynne Huskinson fail to realize is that this is a sin. God clearly speaks against homosexual relationships in the Bible. For them to call this “discriminatory” is to say that God made them to be sinners. That is just pure wrong. God did not make any of us to be sinners. God made us to be perfect in His image. However, when Satan entered the Garden of Eden, all of creation became sinful. That was not what God intended so He sent His Son, our Savior, Jesus Christ to restore creation. While we are still sinners, we have been clothed in the holiness of Christ’s righteousness. However, that doesn’t mean that we should purposely live contrary to God and His Word.

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