Indianapolis loses Super Bowl bid

22 May

 It’s a sad day for Indy fans: Indy has lost the bid to host Super Bowl XLV.

“I’m pleased to announce that Super Bowl XLV will be played on Feb. 6, 2011 at the new Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas,” NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said.

Indianapolis was eliminated by a vote of 17-15. Indy has ponied up some bigtime bucks for their bid and to see it all go to waste hurts this Indy boy. One reason why Indy didn’t get the bid: seats. The new Dallas stadium will hold about 100,000 people, while the new Lucas Oil Stadium will hold less than 73,000. Another reason why Indy lost out on the bid: weather.

The Super Bowl has only been held in a northern city three times in its 41-year history, most recently in Detroit in 2006. Owners have historically preferred warmer locations, where outdoor activities like golf are possible and winter weather doesn’t threaten to mar the event.

Here’s something that bothers me: Detroit was promised that if they built a new stadium, they would receive the Super Bowl. All three cities were building new stadiums so it could have gone to either city (Dallas, Phoenix, Indianapolis). But, come on, Indy just won the Super Bowl. How about acknowledging that fact and say kudos and congrats to the Colts!?!?

Oh well, I guess we’ll just have to try again for next year and every year after that until the NFL acknowledges that Indy has every right to host the Super Bowl as does any southern city. In my opinion: the NFL has told all northern cities that, because of your weather, don’t plan on hosting the Super Bowl because it’s not going to happen. 3 times out of 41 games: that’s 0.0731707% of all the Super Bowl games played.

This alone should have sealed the deal:

Indianapolis’ presentation includes a video of David Letterman ticking off a Top 10 list of reasons why the Super Bowl should be held in Indianapolis.

The No. 1 reason: “My mom would throw a kick-ass tailgate party.”


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2 responses to “Indianapolis loses Super Bowl bid

  1. Dietrich

    May 26, 2007 at 10:18 am

    PRAISE GOD! It was a travesty that Indy won the superbowl to begin with (I hear they paid off the commissioner, leauge owners, players union, refs, etc)! All I have to say is GO BEARS! and….New England won’t lose to the Colts again!

    Love ya Jar Jar (Maltman)

    “The Bastard Kid”

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