Major lack of caffeine

22 Jan

Starbucks IVI think I’m suffering from caffeine withdrawal or lower caffeine levels.  I’ve been averaging maybe 1 can day for the last few weeks.  I seem to function better with it.  I seem to be more “on my game” with it.  Shortly, I will head home for lunch and get my caffeine for the afternoon.  I’ve got a couple of RedBulls in my office, but I seem to crash after a while, usually worse off than what I was before.

A good friend of mine went months without caffeine, but just recently broke down and had some caffeine.  Kudos to him for going as long as he did.  I know when we were at the seminary, he loved his coffee.  He even had one of those Senseo coffee pods, but unfortunately, he had to have a funeral for it last year when it decided to explode.

Well, time to go down to the Preschool, see the wife for a few and then get some lunch and caffeine.  I’ll definitely need some tonight as we have a Voters’ Assembly rescheduled from last week due to the weather.

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