“Walking Together” or Moving Apart?

19 Feb

walking together In our winkles as of late, we’ve been reading through a document entitled “Congregation-Synod-Church: A Study Document on Basic Theological Principles Underlying LCMS Structure and Governance”.  This document has 22 “Basic Theological Principles” regarding LCMS structure and governance.  When you read them, you might scratch your head.  The language in them, while not contradictory to our theology and practice, will cause the reader to ask themselves whether or not this is what we truly “believe, teach, and confess.” 

My biggest question in reading this document is this: Are we “walking together” or are we moving apart?  Granted, this document is intended to be read and studied, discussed, and the like.  However, it seems that there might be a push to move away from our polity which has worked for almost the last 162 years (04/26/1847).  Why fix something that isn’t broken?  Or, if it is broken, why has it taken 162 years to fix it?

Let us hope at our synod’s convention in 2010, we will truly be “walking together.”

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