Fussy baby

09 Apr

So we had put Wesley to bed at his normal bed time.  All was well until we went to bed around 11.  Gwen and I were lying in bed talking and around 11:30, Wesley had a cry that we had never heard before.  It seems that he might have an upset stomach.  We were looking for the Mylicon drops and couldn’t find them.  So I head to Walmart to get some.  I go to the baby section, forgetting that they are in the pharmacy section.  They didn’t have the little bottle, so I had to get the big bottle (which was $11.53!).  They had one lane open; not a big deal – unless you want to check out at midnight!  Why, you ask?  At midnight, they have to switch out the drawers.  So there I stood while they closed out the drawer and cashier #1 finished so cashier #2 could put in fresh money.

Right now, Wesley is asleep, I think, on Gwen, on the couch.  Hopefully when we lay him back down, he’ll stay asleep and sleep the night away.  I think every day this last week, he’s thrown up at least once – it hasn’t been pretty!

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