It’s here!

02 Mar


My iPhone 4 from Verizon arrived Monday afternoon. My wife was gracious enough to let me get this, but she told me that night that I would not be able to get a new phone for not one, not two, but for three years! That means I’ll be missing out on the iPhone 5, iPhone 6, but should be good to go when iPhone 7 hits!

On a serious note. I liked my BlackBerry. It was nice being connected to the social world and having the Internet at my fingertips. Unfortunately, the browser for BlackBerry leaves a lot to be desired. I understand the web kit for BB OS6 is better, but I have been desiring an iPhone since it was announced 4 years ago! Unfortunately, in my neck of the woods, all we have is Verizon, so an iPhone was never to be had…until now!

It’s a nice phone (and makes for a good toy too!). I decided not to load all the apps (read free games) on it like I had on my iPod Touch. Most of them I didn’t play and was just too lazy to remove them. Now, I only have a few games that I play, a handful of social apps and some productivity apps. And, I installed some of my ringtones that I had on my BlackBerry. Needless to say, I’m one happy geek!


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2 responses to “It’s here!

  1. Dan Walters

    March 2, 2011 at 12:12 pm

    Looks nice! When my next upgrade hits on Verizon in a few months, I’ll be debating getting one of those too. Hope it works well!

  2. Rev. Tucher

    March 2, 2011 at 12:35 pm

    Dan, after about 48 hours with it, I love it! Everything works well and my Google Calendar and GMail sync perfectly! That’s the selling point for me. Towards the end, for some reason, my BlackBerry was taking my calendar and duplicating all-day events into an event from 12am-12am. It was maddening to have to go into the BlackBerry and clean up all those. Don’t see that on the iPhone. I would highly recommend it.

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