Bryce and the croup

06 Jan

This last week, Bryce has had croup. It was bad on Monday and Gwen wanted to take him to the doctor’s office, but it was closed due to the holiday. She ended up taking him to the ER, but it was a 4-6 hour wait, plus they were waiting for a series of ambulances to come.

Tuesday she took him to the doctor and they gave him a steroid shot and said he should be feeling better within three days. Yesterday was day two and he actually sounded worse than before. Gwen took him to the walk-in clinic last night. She was there less than 30 minutes and they called an ambulance for him. His O2 stats were in the 80s which is not good. He was also sciatic (his lips were blue in color). The ambulance trip was only about 2 blocks away, so that’s going to be an expensive taxi ride!

At the ER last night, they gave him some IV fluids and he started to perk up. Gwen called me and I got up there and he was still puny looking but better than what he was at the walk-in clinic. This is what he looked like.


Wesley and I spent the morning up at the ICU. Bryce really perked up and seemed to be more of his regular self. Starting at 1pm, they were transitioning him to oral medication and if all went well, he should be discharged tonight. This is what he looked like around 6:30 this morning.


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