06 Jan

20120106-205255.jpgThis was the sight that I walked in to when I got back to the hospital after Wesley woke up from his nap. Gwen was waiting for the discharge papers to be completed and Bryce was as happy as could be. He could finally walk (he had monitor wires on his left foot) and get down from the bed. About 30 minutes later, we were led out of the hospital by his nurse on shift and we made our way home. Gwen took the boys and I went to Walmart to get 4 prescriptions filled. When we got home, he was happy as could be and running around and playing and even jumping on the mini trampoline.

I’m definitely glad to have all of my family home and my boy on the mend. Hopefully we won’t be making any more trips to the walk-in clinic, ER, and/or the ICU any time soon.

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