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Circuit visitation this weekend

This weekend, our circuit visitor, Rev. John Hill, is making his tri-annual visit.  Yesterday he met with myself and Gwen for lunch, then a one-on-one meeting with me.  Later in the afternoon, he met with the senior pastor and in the evening, he met with our Board of Elders.  This morning, he will be joining us for worship at both services, then will be staying for a potluck welcoming new members, as well as his visit.  This will give him an opportunity to meet and greet the congregation, talk to them as a whole briefly about the state of the Synod.  If people would like to talk to him individually, he has set time aside following the potluck to meet with those members.

I think that the Wyoming District is unusual in that our circuit visitors actually visit our congregations.  It’s good for the pastors so we can address some issues we have, seek advice and support.  It’s good for the congregation so that if they have issues which are afraid to bring up to the pastor (why, I don’t know.  It’s not like we’re scary or anything).  Maybe in this type of setting, they might be more open.  It’s also good for the District as a whole so as to make sure that all things are going well in the congregation.

Speaking of congregation, I guess I should head to church now.

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