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Wesley’s First Day of School 2012-2013

“Yay school!”

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Up late

Gwen hasn’t felt well today so she went to bed and had me feed Bryce when he woke up. Usually, that time is around 11, but not tonight. Tonight, he decided he wanted to wake up at 11:40. That meant a later bedtime for him. Here’s a pic of him from when he was wide awake at 12:22 am.

At 12:50, I laid him down and at 1 (right now), there’s the occasional whimper.

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Candid pictures of the day

Here’s a couple of candid pictures for the day.

Wesley in snow

Hi Me!

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Valentine’s Day pictures

A couple of pictures of Bryce from Valentine’s Day.

My 1st Valentine's Day      Hi Dad

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Holding my own

Holding my own
While feeding him a bottle tonight, he decided to be a big boy and hold it himself. Not too shabby for a 3-month old.

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