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Issues with the LG Ally

LG-AllyI bought my wife the LG Ally last Wednesday (1/12).  Today (1/18), she got a pop-up message saying that she could not receive text because the inbox is full.  I’ve done a number of trouble-shooting things as listed on a Verizon forum by a Verizon employee.  Nothing worked.  Now calling Verizon Support to get this remedied.


UPDATE: (7:13 pm) On hold from a Tier-1 representative while being transferred to a Tier-2 representative.

(7:27 pm) After being on hold forever, back to a Tier-1 representative.  She’s trying to figure it out.

(7:31pm) Had me reactivate the phone.

(7:34 pm) Received a test text.  Phone rebooted itself.

(7:37pm) Had me send a text.  Waiting for text to send.

(7:39 pm) After being on the phone for a total of 35:56, she will call me back to see if the text went through.

(7:49 pm) It’s been 10 minutes.  Verizon has not called back yet.  Test text not received on phone, yet she can text out.

(7:53 pm) Verizon called back.  Texts still not being received.  Being transferred to Tech Support.  Wait time is “very long.”  Steaming mad

(7:56 pm) Agent comes back on to tell me she is transferring me now.  What was the last 3 minutes of holding for?

(8:05 pm) Still on hold.  The messages playing while on hold have started over again.  Grr.

(8:17 pm) Finally on the phone with a Tier-2 representative.  Had me reprogram the phone again (third time for those keeping track).

(8:30 pm) Text messages coming through after deleting apps, thus freeing up about 30 mb of memory. 

(8:40 pm) Off the phone.  This call time was 36:41.  Total call time was 71:97, or 1 hour, 21 minutes, and 37 seconds.  Final solution: free up memory.

Thank you to the Tier-2 representative who was actually able to do something.

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